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So mom you have decided to start your blogging journey for either one of these reasons:

* To help moms on their journey.

* To build a community of like-minded people

* To teach people on topics you have great knowledge In.

* To earn extra income.

* To see life issues from a different perspective.

* To finally pursue your passion.

* To build authority.

* To utilize time at home when you aren’t watching the baby.

* For self-rediscovery and development

* As a creative outlet

* As an opportunity to learn new things

* To put your writing skills to good use

* For a flexible work system where neither your family nor business suffers.


Well now that we have established your reasons for wanting to start a blog, I bet the next question on your mind is how to start one. To note, your lack of experience will not be the determinant factor of your blog success. It is the zeal and commitment you put into the blog that will determine its growth ratio.

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Click Here to Start your Blog You might be wondering what tools you need to start s successful blog, well you don’t need much to start your blogging journey, only these three things can suffice for a while: * A website * Strong internet connection * Inexpensive theme and logo * Dedication to your blog. With these tools, you can very well be on your way to launching your first ever blog. But there are steps to take to make sure you launch a successful blog and that is what we will be looking at next. SINCE  you have a clear reason for starting a blog, it will help you decide what the blog should be about. Is it teaching, inspiring, or is it to answer frequently asked questions about being a mom. Whatever reason you end up settling for, that will be the central topic or rather the defining part of your blog.

Hence your FIRST step to starting a blog is choosing your NICHE:

Your niche is that area of expertise you have or that area that you love and can talk about for days, weeks, months without getting tired of it. You have to choose a topic that intrigues you,  something that makes you excited whenever you talk about it. This could be the beauty industry, fashion, interior design do-it-yourself crafts, painting, etc just make sure that whatever niche you choose, you never run out of content for it.

CHOOSE YOUR BUSINESS/BLOG NAME: your business name will be what people will come to identify you as, so you don’t want to make it too wordy or too hard to pronounce as making it difficult for the name to stick in the minds of your audience fast.

Make your business name catchy and it is best if you combine your name and your business in one, that way you will ring the focus of your business loud and clear each time a person comes across your page.  Your blog name identifies you hence you should create something you will be comfortable using years after you have launched your blog. A site such as ( is a good place to try out name combos for the business.
  GET The MAIN DOMAIN: What is a domain name you ask for:  it is your unique web address, it is an easy-to-remember address used to access websites e.g the google. Com. The Domain name lets users connect to your website easily as it serves as your online address and a uniform resource locator that leads people straight to your front door( your blog pages).

  WEBHOSTING: This is an online service that allows you to publish your blog articles on the internet so anyone with access to the internet can find your blog.

It is an inexpensive way to get your articles online and you need it for security and control over your website. Web hosting is the process of renting or buying space to host a website on the world wide web. Blue hosting is a web hosting site that is one of the most recommended ones for bloggers due to its cheap rates and easy-to-navigate systems.

It is advisable to use to set up your blog for monetization as the setup won’t let you monetize your blog.

CHOOSE   a theme for your blog posts from the vast range Of themes that WordPress offers this will make your blog post have a consistent running theme making your blog page uniform and unique.

One thing you should do for yourself as a new blogger is to have a lot of content ready for the first month, so you don’t post and ghost then come back only after a long time. The best way to ensure you never run out of content is to write and write a lot on different topics in your niche. That way your audience is never starved of content.  When you write a lot, it builds your mastery of the art and gets you attuned to your audience’s needs.

MONETIZING  your blog won’t come immediately, it will take months of consistent blogging to get there but you shouldn’t lose faith, once you love what you do, it will be easy for you to stay on track.

If you don’t understand the concept of niches here is a simple breakdown of what a niche is about. A niche is a group of specific information related to a particular field. Eg food niche, travel niche, finance niche, health niche. These niches also have sub-niches within them like with the finance niche, you can have its sub-niche as personal finance, family finance, work finance lots more.

I will help you with a list of profitable niches that you can focus on if your main goal for starting a blog Is monetization.

According to a ranking by top bloggers the niches rank in this order:

* PERSONAL FINANCE: is the most blogged about the niche in the blogging stream, as most persons are concerned with handling their finances better hence the increased search rate for content that teaches how to handle personal finance.

* MARKETING is the next most sort after content type,  as the market keeps experiencing an influx of small business owners, the demand for more marketing ideas Is In high demand and so blogs that offer such information are mostly sort after.

* FOOD AND RECIPES:  The average person eats at least three times a day, and the idea of eating the same meal year in year out can be quite daunting, that is why food blogs are ranked next on the most profitable blog niches. People are always searching for new recipes to try out, and faster and more efficient ways to cook meals. Others might be searching for vegetarian food ideas or the best diet to go on for weight loss or gain no matter the topic, there is someone out there looking for food-related blogs for multiple reasons.

* LIFESTYLE: lifestyle blogs though not among the top three most sought-after blog posts, still have a huge market demand as both males and females keep searching for ways to improve their lifestyles, or to exchange a negative lifestyle for one more beneficial to their wellbeing. Everyone wants to have a better lifestyle than their current one and so they keep searching for answers in books and on the internet. What is the probability that your blog might hold the answers to what they seek? Well, there is only one way to find out and that is if your blog answers the burning questions they have.

* MOM BLOGS: Fast becoming a high sort blog niche, anyone with experience in raising kids and holding down a job is qualified to start blogging on this matter. Just sharing about the struggles involved in raising a child and caring for the family is a nice start and if you offer the methods you used to overcome most of the problems, you are well on your way to becoming an authority figure in all things mom-hood.

* TRAVEL: Most people can’t afford luxury travel so they tend to live through the experiences of others. Others need a comprehensive breakdown of a place they would love to visit so they tend to search for blogs with travel information about their dream vacation. Travel blogs make tons of money when traffic is generated on the blog page.

Another interesting way to earn as a blogger is through Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a process where you earn a commission from promoting relatable content on your blog page. It could be a course or an instructional manual to help your audience.  In affiliate marketing, you are the link between the seller and the consumer.

To grow fast on your blogging journey, you will need to run paid ads to generate traffic to your page. this Ad should be targeted at your ideal audience so the purpose of your posts will not be lost in trying to gain viewership.


The most important about your blog is the value you give so work towards being valuable and give out content that will solve your consumer’s pain point at all times.

Congratulations on taking the first step to getting started, now go and implement all you have learned.

If you still have any questions, drop them in the comment section and I will be sure to answer them.

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