5 Things I Want To Help You As A Mom Realize

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I am writing this from my home office, (the room in the house which bit by bit  I have converted into an office.)as I write this memories of the past years flood my mind from my first pregnancy to the birth of my third child, my journey through motherhood and how I started a side hustle that has helped me become a six-figure mom.

  Today’s moms are entering this stage of motherhood with a fresh perspective as compared to generations before us who defined motherhood as the be-all of a woman’s life hence committing to life as a stay at home wife whose sole purpose was to run after kids all day trying to curb their excesses, making sure the house was neat and organized and also looking after the wellbeing of her husband and children.

  Only a few of them could boast of living a happy fulfilled life without resenting their spouses and children the higher percentage dealt with depression and anxiety most of their lives.

Mom these days have it better, it has become so much easier to be a mother and to enjoy the process without losing your identity in the process.  Now every stage of motherhood allows you to redefine yourself and accomplish what purpose you set your heart to.

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds, you could be the best mother to your kids and an awesome home manager while still running a side hustle that earns you six figures. This is my life and it could be yours too.

I started this blog to help moms start and scale their online businesses to the six-figure mark and possibly beyond.

The core five messages will be centered around:

* Productivity and Time management for moms.

* Starting a side hustle as a mom

* Scaling your online business to six figures.

* How to successfully run an online business from the comfort of your home.

* How to carve an identity beyond being just a mom, rather a Six-figure mom.

The rose-colored glasses you used to be the stay-at-home mom lifestyle must have shattered and that is why you now seek a system that will help you cope with reality. As a mother of three, I can confidently assure you that there is light at the end of that tunnel and I will  be your flashlight to guide you through it all every step of the way.

The first step to becoming a six-figure mom is deciding to switch your life up. You have to be intentional about being a mother that brings more to her home, one that earns her keep and supports her family by giving them better chances at life. The journey to becoming a six-figure more might seem rigorous in the beginning but once you have developed processes that will work in line with your goals then you are on your way to mastery.

As a first-time mother, Sharon wonders how she can fill her life up beyond changing diapers and feeding her baby.  Before having her sweet son she was a sales representative at her company and she was very good at her job. But the office cut her off the moment they learned she was an expectant mother citing her condition as a deterrent to productivity.

Sharon went from a working-class woman to a stay-at-home mom itching for some semblance of her old life. This led to months of wallowing in depression and self-pity all the while harboring resentment towards her husband who was working at his dream job and raking in the money. When the pity party no longer served her, she decided to buckle up and carve another identity for herself.  One that allowed her to fulfill her responsibility as a wife and mother but also gave her confidence and drives like a six-figure earner.

Sharon went on to research and discover ways a stay-at-home mother could become an earner right from her living room. This led her to realize the sweet world of online jobs/businesses and how suitable it was for her new lifestyle as it would fit into her timetable and she could organize her tasks to fit into any schedule she developed. Her search led her to discover she could use her knowledge as a former sales representative to help newbies in that line of work gather ground fast what she needed was an internet connection, her smartphone, and students willing to learn the roles necessary for becoming great salesmen and women. From holding online classes to creating courses for her audience, Sharon went from zero earners to a six-figure mom.

Your story could be just like Sharon’s own if you are willing to let me hold your hand and guide you through your journey of rediscovery and becoming a six-figure mom. I have gathered vast experience being an online business owner my years of combining the struggles of motherhood and entrepreneurship have qualified me as an authority in this field. I have decided to use this blog to pass on my knowledge to moms who need advice and support on their journey to becoming six-figure moms.

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