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Side hustles are streams of income that give you the freedom to earn extra money to fund your passion, plan that family vacation to the Bahamas or live a life free from worries. Side hustles are fine substitutes for a 9-5 work life as they let you afford certain luxuries that the 9-5 jobs don’t.

Making money is good, it is akin to breathing, as a human you make expenses daily and there is a need to earn back the money you lose that is why you need to develop an earning ability.

A 9-5 lifestyle might pay the bills, but talk about earning money right from your sitting room, well that Is revolutionary. You can build the life of your dreams right in your home when you know the right systems to apply to ensure maximum cash flow. These systems start with you deciding on a side hustle niche which could be either service based or product based,  next you draw up your monetization plan and find the right tools to make your journey to earning in six figures smooth sailing. These tools could very well be your key to money freedom and as such, they are tagged Sidehustle apps.

Check this, way before the coronavirus hit the world and the pandemic led to everyone been indoors, side hustles apps were already making waves. They were fast becoming the suitable alternatives for most persons who wanted extra income that the 9-5 work-life couldn’t provide.  As the pandemic forced people indoors and made them source for other streams of income the use of side hustle apps increased soon making them the norm for remote workers. Side hustle opportunities soon became rampant and the demand for multiple side hustle apps to assist the operation of these jobs increased.

Let’s take content Creation as a case study, content marketing has been on the low for a long time but with the lockdown disrupting life as we know it, a surge in the need for content creators arose to match the demand that content marketing placed on business owners and as such tools to make the work easier popped up on every side. This provided a marketplace to monetize whatever skill you have as an individual. Authors/ course creators no longer needed to wait months to produce and sell their books and courses with sites such as Amazon and Selar offering them a platform to sell their knowledge without any tedious time-consuming processes involved.

As a mom looking to scale into the six-figure platform, you are about to learn the many apps that can very well help you on your journey be it a service-based business you wish to run or selling of products on the online space,  these apps I will be introducing you to will make your work from home life so much easier and productive. You will get to spend less time but earn more. 

Side hustle apps can by themselves serve as sources of income or can assist you in effectively running  your business. This means that some can independently be used as stand-alone business tools whilst others play supporting roles in the course of running a business. These support tools could be apps that help you keep track of your day-to-day sales and also store records of the inventory you have.

One of the biggest flex of these side hustle apps is that you can work with them right from your smartphone or laptop as most of them are smartphone-friendly and require only  little time to be spent on them every day to earn since most of the processes have  been automated.

Now that we have understood how these side hustle apps work let us dive into getting acquainted with them.

We will be looking first at apps that assist you to run a successful business. After which we will delve into the world of apps that serve as income streams on their own.

If you are a social media person and you earn from online platforms then the following tools will help you:

For Graphics designers the following tools help your work; Canva, pixellab, photoshop, mockup apps. They make your design journey easy, fun and also bring in more funds.

If you Monetize your Instagram, then the tools to utilize are Inshot for video and reels,  canva for feed aesthetics, HubSpot, metric cool for scheduling posts. When you have products or digital courses to sell you could add a ‘linkinbio’ to direct prospects to your offers.

Facebook Marketplace: if you have products to sell off then this Facebook platform will help you reach more people. By running Sponsored ads you will reach more people and attract customers to your page.

If you are great at product photography you can reach out to brands that need professional  product shoots, when you take the pictures then you can use the following tools: snapseed, lightroom to edit them. This is a cool way to earn from home.

If your side hustle interest is Video production and edits, or animation  the apps to employ are inshot,  kinemaster, and Quik. These assist you with already made transitions and effects.

Virtual assistants are not left out, tools such as Dubsabo and CRM make your work much easier as records of meetings and clients are automatically uploaded and reminders set up.

Now that we have gotten together a list of software applications that play the role of assisting us in whatever field of side hustle,  we will now look into the apps that can be utilized for side hustle purposes. These apps are stand-alone income streams. They include:

  1. UPWORK: This app serves as a platform for persons who offer services such as writing, graphics design, software development, web development to find clients in need of what they have to offer.

2. FIVERR: This app connects service providers with end-users while receiving a 20% interest rate for every job you get. These services include writing, animation, graphics design, web development.

3. EBAY: This is a great application for moms that have used or new items to sell-off. All you would need to do is upload pictures of what you wish to sell off and once a sale comes through you get your money after they must have deducted the commission charge.

4. PINTEREST: If you have lots of informative and educative articles to share but haven’t set up a blog website then Pinterest is your best bet at owning a temporary blog site. Once you set up your account you can upload your blog posts on various topics. Note that the cash won’t start coming in immediately but with dedicated consistency, your earnings will multiply.

5. UBER LIFT: If after sending the kids off to school you have some extra hours, you could register as an Uber driver and accept rides from those within your area. This will not cut into your family time but serve as an extra income stream for you.

6. YOUTUBE: If you do have a knack for speaking and teaching then you can use YouTube to earn cool cash.  Turn your knowledge into a cash cow, teach classes on things that interest you. People are always searching for tips and educational materials online, no knowledge is a waste share what you know and when gain a large following on your youtube channel you  could become a hotspot for sponsored ads that pay you cool cash.

7. LINKEDIN: The renowned app serves as a site that polishes your portfolio and connects you to persons looking for the services you offer. Set up your profile in an attractive way and make sure it clearly states what niche you work in so that the right persons find you. You don’t earn directly on LinkedIn except you reach influencer status and charge people to let them run sponsored ads on your page.

8. SELL ON JUMIA and KONGA:  One way you can earn from these sites is by being an affiliate marketer for the products in their listings, or you could set your products up for sale and only lose a part of the income on commission paid to them. To start earning from the site, you only news to register with the following details, your phone number, email address, government ID card business details if you are listing your products for sale, and your bank account number for receiving payment.

9. FLUTTERWAVE, WORDPRESS:  if You definitely don’t want to lose all your money paying commissions to online stores like Jumia and Konga then you can use platforms such as Flutterwave, Paystack, as a storefront for your online store. You can sell anything on these platforms though WordPress would cost you a pretty penny to set up, the flutter wave store i  free.

No matter what skill you have, with the right tools, you can effectively earn more from the comfort of your home. Being a six-figure mom hasn’t been this effortless all you need to do is find the apps or tools suitable for the work you do and utilize them your smartphone is now your ticket to endless credit alerts.

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