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Close your eyes Sis and visualize yourself sitting on a lounge chair beside the beach sipping a cold drink while your friends play in the sun, surely sis this is the dream life you hoped for.

Imagine if there is was a catch though, such that the beach was an exclusive site only very few persons can afford it yet you and your friends made it into the exclusive space because you could afford it. That feeling you got just now is the feeling gotten from having money in abundance, enough to pay bills and afford the luxury.

Money is true freedom and that is why everyone strives to have enough of it to fund whatever lifestyle they choose. Making money can be quite a struggle, but its returns is a big flex. That is why working two or more jobs have become a societal norm as people strive to earn more than they currently do. The year 2020 infused the market with a new system of earning, since the pandemic forced everyone inside, people had to get creative with the way they made money.  This led to the creation of job opportunities that were flexible and remote allowing a person to work his 9-5 and still make money on the side through skillsets that he has developed over time.

Side hustles are extra income streams that let you earn from whatever skill you possess these types of jobs are convenient and let you work from anywhere without interfering with your day job.

If you have been pondering on ways you can make some extra cash, then read to the end of this post, because I made a list of top-ranking side-hustles any woman can venture into in 2021 so you don’t keep cracking your pretty head over what next to do to get extra cash.

Note that not every job is for you, you need to critically consider each option and find one suitable for your skillset.

Before choosing a side hustle, you should be able to assure yourself that you won’t fall out of love with it in a few months as that won’t sit well with your clients. Switching jobs make you seem unreliable like a jack of all trade yet master of none. The job you choose should be something you can develop over time, even while you earn through it, you should be prepared to learn better ways to carry out your job as this will keep you relevant in your field, the better you get at your craft, the higher your chances of making cash fast.

If you are comfortable with your money status, then by all means skip this post but if you yearn for more read on and understand the different ways you can make more money for your baby girl lifestyle.

We will be looking at 8 of the top side hustles for women in 2021.

CONTENT WRITING:  Tolani was like you some months back, she was neck-deep in debt with no stable source of income. Her gigs were mostly house cleaning services and ushering services. Yes, she made money from these jobs but they were not regular and she always ran out of money before she would get a new offer.

In her free time, Tolani would create amazing stories that made her audience curious from the beginning of her story to its last sentence she was that good. She never knew how in demand her talent was till someone reached out to her to demand her storytelling services for a fee that seemed exorbitant at that time. Taking that job was a life-changing experience for her as it opened her eyes to the possibilities her writing skill could fetch her.  A content writer creates long-form pieces of content for blog posts, articles, and newsletters this content type is used to inform and educate on particular topics.

FREELANCE WRITING:  This type of writing means you are not confined to one type of job or to writing for a particular system or writing style.

Freelancers are not bound by the singularity of service but can work on multiple writing jobs at once all on different topics. The type of writeup could be for websites, product description, ghostwriting, ebook creation the options are limitless all you need to do is position yourself well in the market to be found by those who need your services.

VOICEOVER: That angelic voice that reads the news and acts as the station anchor whom you love listening to on the radio on your way to school is in the business of VoiceOver. What qualifications did she use to get this job you wonder. Well my dear it is not a magic trick that got her this job but rather skills such as: having a great command of the language in use for the voice-over, a flawless accent, a clear soothing voice, and an interesting way of talking. This skill can very well be developed and with the current boom in the visual market, you could be running voice-over jobs for brand awareness videos, podcasts, animated video, and product advertisement.

ONLINE TUTORING:  when the Corona Virus brought about the pandemic that forced people indoors, an alternative to traditional learning systems was adopted. Though the trend of online tutoring has been in existence, it blew up in 2020 and is still highly used in the year 2021. Anything you have as knowledge can be taught to people in need of what you are offering for a fee.

You could be a French tutor for high school kids, or you could teach accounting and records keeping to business owners. Every knowledge you have can be packaged into a course and taught to those that need your expert knowledge.


Social media management used to be for big brands that spent huge sums of money on advertisement and visibility. In 2021, times and tides have changed and small businesses need social media management now more than ever. What social media managers do is create posts and find accompanying images that pass the brand message, schedule posts for the most favorable times that will generate engagement and conversions.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT: with the advance in office technology the system of having multiple Secretaries and long tedious filing cabinets set up alphabetically to make work easier becoming obsolete, there is an increase in demand for virtual assistants to fill this position. Virtual assistants use an automated system to store records and software to keep records and set reminders for scheduled meetings this aids efficiency and a swift system of operations.

PROOFREADING:  Remember when I made a post on this, well this validates it. With numerous authors coming up and articles been published here and there, there is a need for fresh eyes that spot grammatical errors the writer might have missed in course of writing. A proofreader has a strong understanding of the writing language, has a degree in English, extensive study of written articles, and a birds-eye for spotting mistakes.  Every written piece requires edits and you could be the person for the job. Practice increases proficiency.

PERSONAL CHEF:  If you receive compliments about how mouthwatering your dishes are every time you serve your guests then this skill might just be your ticket to more money.

After working in a five-star restaurant for seven years, Chef Dan retired from active service. Though he had more than enough money to care for his family, the switch from active service was taking a toll on him, he needed to cook for people and wow their taste buds with his exquisite culinary skills.

What could he do on the side to earn some extra cash and do what he loved best? His sweet wife suggested he start a cooking class both online and physical, he could use their kitchen space to record the videos and their guest house to teach the physical classes. He could also start a home-cooked meal delivery service for persons in the neighborhood and beyond who needed mouth-watering food they could store in their freezer for days. The ideas soon took wings and became a side hustle that increased the family’s lifestyle options.

This could be you too, only if you can get creative with maximizing your skills and talent and turning that talent into a money-growing tree.

Making money has been made so easy in 2021 that anybody with an idea can sell it to the right people and make good money from it. You could be a woman with her own money by trying your hands out with any of these side hustles. The money might not pour in at first, but if you diligently pursue this course of action, it will yield results for you.

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