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The Pandemic affected every sector of life, including the workforce.

The pandemic that forced everyone indoors opened the path for the work-from-home lifestyle which is fast becoming a norm.

Although some companies adjusted at that time, after the pandemic they returned to the status quo or semi-status quo. But most companies went fully remote after the pandemic hence creating a workflow system for persons who prefer to work from home or who due to some personal or family issues can only work remotely.

Some of these jobs apply to freelancers and contract workers, and at other times they are full-time employment opportunities that allow the employee to have free rein over his time.

Now when looking for a remote job, as there are numerous opportunities online, it is better that you have an idea in mind of what it is you want to do in your job and how your skillset can fit into the requirements of the company.

Different Companies hire for different skill sets, some are looking to hire software engineers, customer service providers, Virtual Assistants, and Digital marketers. The list is inexhaustible.

This is why before you apply for that job, there are a few things you should look into:

1. Check how reputable the company is. What it is they do and what core values they have, will help you ascertain if your values run in line with theirs as this is key to fostering a long-lasting work relationship.

2. What their work ethics are: Yes, this bit of information may not be added to the company’s online information but you can find their team managers on LinkedIn who fully understand the system and how it works and connect with them. Doing this will help you prepare the ground for what to expect when you get accepted.

3. One more thing, you should get clear on is the pay rates offered. Learn how much they are offering and if it sums up to your monthly dream income and if it does, then you can very well click the send button on that application portal.

4. Check the company hiring status and what role you are applying for so that you know when to send in your application.

There is one neat trick you can use to up your game among other applicants.

Find the company on LinkedIn, check their top executives and connect with them. Don’t pitch immediately, just acquaint yourself with them and learn what they expect from employees working with the company.

Now if you are a newbie looking to break into the workforce with no experience, these jobs are what you should be looking to apply for.

-Proofreading: The basic skills you need here is a sharp eye for spotting errors, good command of grammar, and flexible reading habits.

– Transcription: This job role demands that you convert audio messages into a text form that can be easily understood. The angle is versatile and could range from transcribing movie scenes to company events or audio recordings of meetings.

– Translators: if you are fluent in languages, you can work as a translator changing text from one language to another. You have to be careful about maintaining the original message, so you don’t create room for miscommunication.

– Photo Editor: For this role, you should have a basic understanding of photography and editing as you will be working with content creators and photographers.

These skills can be mastered on the job and though they have their professional side, you can start small and grow your skill set.

Now to the focus of this Blog post,

The 10 companies that are hiring remote workers.


Is an Accounting practice management software built to help firm owners manage their staff and scale their firm by helping them track client work status, know where everything is recorded and who is in charge of each task? They are a fully remote team, with current staff in Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta. The hiring process is not strenuous so you can look into it if you are an accountant looking to work from home.


Is a communications brand whose employees are spread over 5000 cities. With over 6,000 employees in 25 countries and clients across diverse sectors, there’s a place for almost everyone at Lionbridge. For 25 years, they have been a leading localization company and are consistently ranked by Forbes as a leading employer for Diversity and Women.

3. APPEN: This company is one of the top companies that has assimilated the remote work lifestyle despite the sensitivity of the service rendered. With Appen, you get to work on your skills 100% remotely with flexible work hours. As a data management company, there are offers for diverse jobs citing but be careful not to sign up on fake sites.


Is a writing and editing company, one of the largest transcription companies in the world. Its main services include translating, transcription, subtitling, and captioning.

GoTranscript has adopted the remote work lifestyle for its employees as its labor force spans the globe.

5. TeleTech:

Known for its advanced technological solutions to business and life problems, TeleTech is a well-sought-after company that has embraced the work-from-home lifestyle and fully supports its employees who work remotely.

6. GitLab: This is a web-based Git repository that provides free open and private repositories, issue-following capabilities, and wikis. GitLab is one of the world’s all-remote workforce, as you can work from anywhere with a strong internet connection.

7. SuperSide is a tech-enabled design company that delivers beautiful designs at scale to scale-ups and enterprise teams. They offer designs from everyday production work to large-scale strategic design solutions.

8. The Muse is an advertising job site that also offers skill-building services and advice for job seekers. The website aims to give candidates a good understanding of the companies they would like to apply to by featuring detailed company profiles, thus creating a more informed application process.

9. offers onboarding and management tools that are completely self-serve for both employers and workers. It provides a remote IP Guard which guarantees that you always have complete control of your intellectual property and innovation rights.

10. ICUC: This is a social media management service company that caters to the social media needs of its customers.

Job Board

Some of these companies are actively hiring, all you need to do is click the link and find out their application process.

Cheers to your success.

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