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As with everything that requires effort and credibility, there are certain requirements for getting a scholarship, these things need to be in place before our application can be awarded. 

These Colleges are very critical with their screening as the aim is to help those who need it and in one way or another will contribute to society at large. This is why they always look for excellent students who have shown great leadership abilities and are well-rounded team players who pull in their weight on group projects. 

Starting your school paper team or running an entrepreneurship program will boost your credibility with them. Having a good number of skills will also act in your favor, as it shows that you will become an asset to society and not a liability. 

They are strict as they have to weed through lots of applications to select those who qualify for the scholarship by meeting up with the set rules and submitting them before the deadline.


  The goal of most scholarship grants is to help students with promising futures who have great potential get into a system that will help them hone their abilities and maximize the opportunities handed to them. 


 Bonus Tip: Having a lot of volunteer certificates and extracurricular activities to exhibit,  will give you an edge as it shows your human emphatic side. 


Now, you should know that the most important part of your application is the personal statement. Do not overlook this core message as it is what will set you apart from your peers. 


Since they cannot arrange physical meetings with every applicant, the only way they can learn about you is by reading your statement so work super hard on being in touch with who you are and be able to translate it into written pieces that will leave a mark on the heart of your screening officer.


If you have no skill in writing or can’t string words together properly, it is advisable then to hire someone to cover that for you ( a skilled writer ) at best. 

Be honest, be vulnerable, but do not exaggerate, or make false claims, and ensure that you tell your story in a way that will get you the admiration and empathy you need to leave a mark in their mind.

Make considerable use of every opportunity to toot your horn, if you have certificates share them. 


Keep in mind that you are possibly competing for that slot with over thousands of students from all over the world, hence the need to keep accurate records of the dates of your big projects. You are at an advantage if you have a long list of accomplishments so what is best is for you to start early to accumulate points so that when you submit your application,  you will have an impressive portfolio.

In this blog post, you will be learning the Top ten scholarship grants you should apply for,  but before that, you need to learn the difference between a Fully funded scholarship and one that is not fully funded. 




Scholarships are mainly in two forms, 

Need-Blind and Need-based. 


With the Need Blind policy, your financial status is not taken into account, rather your outstanding academic excellence will be the qualifying factor. 


Need-Based: Here the financial circumstance of the applicant is taken into account, and the scholarship is awarded according to the level of assistance required which is often a fully funded scholarship.


Scholarships of this nature usually cover beyond the basics. Except stated otherwise, it means tuition, living expenses, and everything you need will be catered for. 

These scholarships are like the Golden eggs of scholarship funding which make them the most sought after especially when applying to more than one school. With scholarship type, competition is usually stiff and the screening process rigorous. 


You need to carry out in-depth research before you start your application process. 

If you already have a school in mind, find out their acceptance criteria, and what they need to see that will convince them of your eligibility. 

Most of these fully funded scholarships are mostly based on financial grants for students who can’t afford tuition and board. The offer might be for students from one zone as it all depends on the school system. check properly if you qualify for a fully funded scholarship before you process that application. 


Keep in mind that the nature of your financial constraints can get you in but you have to keep up good grades and practice self-discipline to stay in school. 


Some schools that offer Full scholarship rides make provisions for the students who get in to act as teaching assistants or lab attendants, the idea is to foster a beneficial relationship where the financial aid is put to good use by exchanging it for the student’s skills to support the school. Carrying on with volunteer work is also a good way to stay in the school’s good books.


Now that you have an understanding of what a fully funded scholarship is, it is easy to grasp the concept of a partially funded scholarship. 

A partial scholarship does not cover everything, for example, it might pay for tuition, and the applicant will have to cater for his living expenses. 

The terms vary from one school to another so look carefully through the offer before you sign up for the school you will be applying for. 

That is why you should apply for more than one scholarship grant In case you only get partial funding and not a full ride. 


This list of top scholarship offers is compiled from our in-depth research which is based on location and the best opportunity offered. 


  1. Australia Award Scholarship: Its benefits include tuition fees, Establishment allowances, Air travel, Overseas student health care(OSHC), and Contribution to living expenses(CLE). This is a very favorable scholarship opportunity. 


  1. Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarship: This caters to the needs of international students who would want to partake in the postgraduate research qualification in Australia. Its 

 tuition fees and health cover costs.


  1. RHODES SCHOLARSHIP UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, UK. Is one of the world’s most prominent Postgraduate study offers, where you can study a wide range of subjects. The scholarship covers tuition Fees and other expenditures along with a personal stipend. 



The Fulbright-Master’s Fellowships are designed for exceptional students who wish to pursue a master’s degree program at top-choice U.S. colleges and universities.

 It offers the following benefits:

J-1 visa support,  round-trip economy class air travel from a fellow’s domestic city to the host institution in the U.S. Funding for tuition fees, living and associated costs. Accident and illness insurance in line with U.S. Government guidelines.

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is administered by bi-national Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or U.S. Embassies. All Foreign Student Program applications are processed by these offices and applicants must apply through them. 


  1. UK’s Commonwealth Scholarship

One of UK’s  Top Scholarships for International Students. Each Year Over six hundred Scholarships are awarded to students to Study in UK Universities, with the scholarship comes an additional  Full Tuition Fee Free, Visa, Accommodation, Monthly Stipend, and Economy Airfare Tickets at the start and stop of every course. 


  1. Joint Japan WorldBank Scholarship


The JJ/WBGSP Scholarship 2022 is a  Scholarship program available for both males and females to Study full-time Master’s Degree Program at one of the Partner Universities in the U.S., Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan on a Fully Funded Scholarship. 


  1. DAAD Germany Government Scholarships are fully funded by the government and  is the Largest German Support Organisation for Students to Study in Germany. DAAD German Government Scholarships is for undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to study at Top Universities in Germany. 


  1. Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants (Various Countries)

The Rotary Foundation offers scholarship funding through the Rotary Foundation Global Grant scholarships. The scholarship funds graduate-level coursework or research for one to four academic years. The minimum budget for a global grant scholarship is $30,000. 


  1. Tuition Fee Waivers at the University of Pavia for International Students

To reinforce the presence of international college students and foster the introduction of an ever greater global community, the University of Pavia is awarding a hundred and fifty tuition fee waivers offering exemption from the fee of University tuition costs to all foreign college students enrolling in selected degree applications within the 2022/2023 academic year. 


  1. IMD MBA Scholarships

IMD offers a number of scholarship programs for international college students from different international locations and backgrounds. Each scholarship program awards around CHF 25,000-50,000. To cover the fundamental needs of college students making use of to the program. 


Look through the list and find the scholarship grants that suit you.

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